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Nestled in the heart of the Ozarks, Aurora, MO.
Spring fed, crystal clear, Honey Creek, sweet, cool water flows the breadth of our property. Majestic Sycamore trees line the creek banks plus scattered and mingled through out 22 acres, mixed with Walnut, Willow, Osage Orange, Oak.
Red Bud and Hickory. 
Acreage is very scenic, plus teeming with wildlife, Turkey, Whitetail Deer, Geese, Ducks, Mink, Otter Red Fox and fish. Most fun of all, crawdads and minnows for the kiddos to hunt!

The Stable interior is lined with 1" x 6" x 10' saw mill oak, stalls are pine fronted. Featuring vintage, rustic, farm, antique and educational decor.

In keeping history with a re-purposed horse stable,
SHENANIGANS will be equine friendly! Also welcome canines on leash.
Our aim is to offer a "go to" that is affordable, creative, beautiful and fun!

Guests are welcome to add decor of their choosing to enhance THEIR celebration!



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